“ I love to work with Marie because, from the first moment she has been able to understand the meaning of our brand, of our idea of perfumes and I love her signature. Elegant, classy. She is able to create wonderful balanced fragrances with character. In Cozumel she had to fall into my Mexico, the Mexico I’ve lived in my vacation 15 years ago and that’s it, Cozumel is born and is the perfect representation of what I have felt there. ”

Roberto Drago – Laboratorio Olfattivo

“ Creator for over 10 years of ‘Autour du Bain’ fragrances, Marie Duchene has allowed us to fill our entire bath collection with evocative scents. Using her sensibility and wide experience as a perfumer, she was able over the years to articulate our desires, develop them, and create with us the little olfactory pleasures that make us dream. A true partnership but above all a close relationship! ”

Autour du Bain

“ Since its launch in June 2012, Marie Duchene is the “nose” of Parfumerie Arlesienne. Four years of collaboration during which Mary has always, with great sensitivity, listened to our wishes and translated them with talent into wonderful fragrances.”

La Parfumerie Arlésienne

“ Trendsetting and commercial, exotic or comforting, stylish and ultra-luxurious, contemporary or neo-classical, Marie Duchene’s creations enliven Calming Park scented candles since the beginning, one summer day of 2006 … Often when I present my candles, people burst with expletives: “ah”, “oh” or “mmm”! Being able to create a truly original scent when so many already exist is an amazing achievement in itself. But creating a modern fragrance that will remain contemporary over a long period of time is a tour de force that defines great creations. Like those of Marie Duchene. ”

Olivier Rohrbach – Founder of Calming Park