Born in 1973, Marie Duchene wanted to be a perfumer as long as she can remember.

After spending her childhood in the Champagne region, Marie studied chemistry and graduated from ISIPCA, Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires in Versailles in 1994, where she learned about raw materials, combinations but also the history of perfume and fragrance chemistry.

An internship took her to the Grasse region where she later settled and began her apprenticeship in various fragrance businesses.

After a few years and inspired by the people she met, she decided to set up her own structure, MD Fragrances. Since 2002 she brings together her expertise and the quality raw materials that she sources to deliver great fragrances for her clients.

She is supported by skilled and dedicated staff who are committed to help her make each creation exceptional


“ My father always told me to admire and be amazed. We must feed our olfactory memory but also our artistic and emotional curiosity. ”


“ Whether a formula is designed for a skin scent, a lipstick or a candle, I love that moment when the test comes back from the lab, and there is no more doubt about whether it will hold its promises.

When we evaluate a fragrance to assess whether the expected emotion is there, then magic happens.

I also like the formulation process, giving free rein to my imagination and creativity, while remaining in a highly technical environment.

Walking on the thin line between these two worlds… is a challenge that I embrace and that fulfils me everyday. ”